I was chatting with my acupuncturist the other day, and she said “I want to run, but I’m really slow and it’s hard“.

I couldn’t help myself, Coach G mode was engaged.

If you are reading this & nodding your head as this is what you think too, then…..please know, this is your TRICKSTER BRAIN at work.

Do not listen to trickster brain.

Let me get up on my Coach high-horse for a moment. 

  • What is “slow” anyway? There is no slow-0-meter that clocks your time and categorizes you as a slow or fast runner. Firstly, have you thought of it this way, slow to you will be fast to someone else. And secondly, why does your pace matter so much that you would rather not experience the joy of running? STOP letting your trickster brain let you believe that “slow” is a reason not to run.
  • Why is it “hard”? A number of reasons could contribute to it feeling hard, but the #1 thing I’d say, is slooooow down. Unless your scheduled run is speed work, it shouldn’t feel hard, so slow it down, take walking breaks, focus on what feels good, and >>chat to an expert to get you on the right plan<<. I PROMISE, by following a training plan and running consistently, pretty quickly you’ll get to a point where, what was once hard will feel easier.

If you want to run, then bloody well run!

Start today and commit to running 2-4 times a week.

You 100% can do this, just don’t let your trickster brain take control.

P.S. Did you know I am hosting a movement challenge in January? It’s called >>31×31<< and you should totally join coz investing in yourself for 31-days as part of a badass supportive community is gonna set you up for SUCCESS in 2023!

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