In January, you may have seen that I was hosting a movement challenge called 31×31. This was my first time hosting a challenge like this, and I have to admit I was pretty anxious. Now, I wasn’t anxious about the challenge – I knew that rocked – but I felt like there was a lot riding on my shoulders for challengers to see/feel results in just 31 days.

Silly, G.

Let me share some words from a few of January’s cohort….
Jennifer is a mum of 2 and busy entrepreneur who regularly gives her time to others. Being part of the challenge allowed her “to get back on an exercise routine, move my body everyday and start to see some real change in how I moved.”

Karen tried getting back into running last year but had quite a number of injuries so gave up on that dream. She was a bit of a reluctant challenger but bloomin’ heck, she has excelled!  “This challenge helped me to be accountable to me, and to invest in myself. I couldn’t have achieved this result without the amazing support of Gillian and all of the participants – I loved seeing how everyone was moving, and on days when I didn’t want to get off the couch, those FB group posts gave me the boost I needed”. She still moves her body every single day post-challenge AND has signed up to a 10K race this spring!

Kimberly agreed to be part of the challenge as she was interviewing me for her podcast. After we finished recording she said “I can’t believe I committed to doing that, I’ll have to sign up now”. She describes her 31×31 experience as – “I was unsure going into it for a few reasons that have to do with myself, not Gillian. But I was so drawn to her energy and commitment and the other participants that it became a daily social activity distracting me from feeling like it was a chore.”

Zenia loved the daily emails that kept her focused throughout the 31 days, and even managed to “pair my movement with an audiobook, podcast or album that I’ve always wanted to get into but felt I never had time!”

And one final one before I leave you. This challenge is not about perfection, it’s having movement front of mind and doing what you can.  Josh’s take away from 31×31 was “I haven’t made it to 31 minutes each time, and not everyday, but I’m getting more consistent, and even 15 minute runs are feeling more invigorating”.

Where could you be in 31 days if you committed to moving your body every day for 31 minutes per day?

We start on the 1st of March, so don’t delay, sign up today!

Hi, I’m Gillian aka Coach G! Welcome to GMacSpurr Coaching.

If you are into running and want to have a boat load of fun achieving your running goals, then you are in the right place!

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