Wanna join a super cool movement challenge?

Before you answer that, let’s see if it is right for you!

If 3 or more of the below apply to you then my friend, this challenge is perfecto for you:

  • week on week you’re not consistent with your movement
  • you’ve tried time and time again to get into running but quit after a few runs/weeks
  • you wanna celebrate your body and move it
  • you wanna commit to a movement schedule
  • you wanna be able to use the excuse “I need to go out for a run” when your in-laws are over, and actually go out for a run and not just sit in the cold garage
  • you wanna start the year off strong
  • you wanna be part of a super supportive community and have fun

How’d you score? More than 3??

Challenge starts Thursday 1st January 2023!

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