I’m a planner.  I have to-do-lists on top of to-do-lists, but really when it comes down to it, I’m a champion procrastinator.  So when it came to planning my 29 week schedule (to PB at a 5K and half-marathon, and have a fun and safe 10K and marathon), I had it planned out in my head for weeks.  One Sunday afternoon in May, I sat down and planned LSDs (Long Slow Distances), hills, speed work, weights, and November Project.   It took 2 shots to get it all right (doing a 29 week plan around 4 races was tough), but I was so pumped. This year’s running was going to ROCK.

I’d be fitter and healthier and more prepared than ever – until I wasn’t.  Three weeks in – I got mono ((GAH)).  So 6 weeks of no LSDs, no hills, no speed work, no weights, no November Project! My plan wasn’t going to plan!

I’ve now got the all clear to slowly start running – did a 3K on the weekend.  It was tough; but tough because of the mono, or tough because I’ve not ran in weeks? Who knows?  So the NEW plan is to slowly build my stamina and strength back up.  I’m itching to create a new training schedule, but I really should wait until I’ve been on a couple of runs first, to see how I get on.

Unless a miracle happens, there will be no PBs for me this year.  But hopefully I will still take part in all 4 races, albeit slower than what I had planned. As long as I finish and get there in one piece.

It’s so tough not doing something you love when your body says no. Have you ever been stopped in your training tracks? How did you feel getting back into the swing of things? I’d love to hear from you.


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