Last week we reflected on 2021. Now comes the fun part of using 2021 to shape your 2022 goals. If you missed last week, then I recommend you take some time to complete the 2021 Reflect Workbook which can be found here.

Goal setting! I love me some goal setting. Actually, it’s not the goal setting I love, it’s being driven by this promise I made to myself, and dang, I will not let myself down. Back in 2014, young G set herself a goal of running a 5k race during 2015; she had no initial date or time in mind, just that she would run that distance. At this point she couldn’t run, was overweight, and incredibly unhealthy. But with some tweaks to her diet (is it weird I’m still talking about myself in the third person, I’ll stop now) and a determination to achieve this mighty goal, I put one foot in front of the other and worked my butt off. Point to note here, it was winter in Toronto, Canada when I took up running. Quite possibly at the worst time of the year, with having to battle rain, hail, snow and minus temperatures with no clue about weather-appropriate gear or running types or the 10/1 method. After a few weeks of running, I signed up to a 5k race to keep me accountable on those bitterly cold days. The race was in May, only 3 months after I started running.

And you know what? I bloody well achieved that 5k!

Not only that, but during the same year, I went on to do a 10k race AND a half-marathon race.

I went more than 300% over my original goal!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?

Within 18 months of me setting myself a goal of running a 5k, I then went on to run a marathon – EIGHTEEN FRICKING MONTHS. From absolutely nothing, I mean absolutely no movement in my life whatsoever, to training for and racing 42.2k. Again, WTF!! A marathoner?!?!?!?

So dream big. Don’t let anything stop you from putting down what you really wish to achieve in 2022. If your goal doesn’t scare you, then try to think bigger!

I’d recommend including a minimum of one goal related to movement, one for nourishment and one for wellness. To me that feels like a triangle of goal goodness.

Don’t want to have a triangle of goal goodness, then do whatever you wish, these goals are yours after all. You’ll see in the workbook, I’ve included 4 pages for goals, if you want more pages then print more off, or if you only want one goal, then just use one page. Do what works for you.

Now, when I say dream big, your goals could be:
-eat one less takeaway each week and put the money saved towards a vacation
-train to run a 5k, or 10k, or half-marathon, or marathon (if this is your goal, see the bottom of this email)
-meditate for 15 minutes every day
-sign up for a team sport that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t feel confident (remember, dream big, push yourself out of your comfort zone!)
-take a cooking class to give you the confidence to make a minimum of one homemade meal a week
-do one activity each month that takes you out of your comfort zone
-every single day do a minimum of 6,000 steps
-read one non-fiction book a month

The list is literally endless. Feel free to steal one of these if they sing to you, or write your own. Go into as much detail as you can, make it feel real!

Next week I’m going to talk about your Why, which is really important for when things get tough when you are working on your goals. Make sure to sign up to the GMacSpurr Coaching VIP list to receive a weekly email with bonus info that isn’t available on here, my YouTube channel, or social platforms.

Did you put running as one of your 2022 goals?

If so, YEAH, that is awesome. I am super pumped for you. If you’d be open to it, please reach out, I’d love to cheer you on and answer any questions you may have.

If you are brand new to running with the aim of running your first 5k (just like I did), I have a Couch to 5k training plan that breaks down all the info out there and hones in on what you need to know to hit your goal… it includes a 12-week training plan, which supports you in building up your fitness level.

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