Earlier this week I posted about reflecting on your 2021, specifically the goals you had set yourself back in January 2021. If you want to watch the YouTube video – it’s a short one – you can check it out here (and while you are there, consider subscribing to the channel! Thanks).

2021 has been a really hard year and reflecting on a hard year is even harder! This is why I created a simple 2021 Reflect Workbook with cues for you to reflect upon. It’s self-explanatory, but one thing I do want to call out is to be kind to yourself.

Maybe you didn’t get the virtual race time you were hoping for, but perhaps your training went really well, you were injury-free and enjoyed pushing yourself on a new distance. That is epic in my book, write that baby down. That’s a win!
Maybe you put weight on – well, I think everyone did – but perhaps you made more homemade meals, you ate less takeout, and found an amazing chocolate pudding recipe (link in the description if you’ve not tried this yet). Putting on weight is by no means a negative – in fact weight loss should be removed from any resolution/goal setting in my opinion – and it’s still a win that you spent more enjoyable time in the kitchen.
Maybe you wanted to meditate, you downloaded an app and committed to it for a few weeks or months but then missed a day, which turned into 2 days, then a week and you completely forgot about it till I mentioned it now. Again, that’s ok.

So spend some time reflecting on your 2021 goals. Write out all the positives and what could be improved upon. If you find reflection hard, then look at it like they weren’t your goals, but your friends. what would you say to them about what they accomplished? Do you notice you are kinder to your friends than you are to yourself? SO Sad THAT WE DO THAT TO OURSELVES.

Next week, I’m going to dive into goals with another free downloadable workbook, so make sure to sign up to the GMacSpurr Coaching VIP list to receive a weekly email with bonus info that isn’t available anywhere else.

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