“Having Gillian as my running coach has been a fantastic experience! Gillian has helped me move through fears, feel like a badass runner and gotten me farther with my physical training that I ever would have on my own. Running has gotten me through some difficult times in my life, and this time is no different and I feel supported, heard and motivated with Gillian. Gillian really and truly cares and she believes in me and that makes all the difference.

And now I’m teared up. I remember after my first run and I felt so discouraged, because it was physically hard and Gillian’s words & support lifted me up.  I felt at that moment that, yes, I can do this again and that yes, I will succeed and that yes, I am a badass.  Gillian reminded me of that fantastic feeling of accomplishment when crossing a finish line and that has made all the difference.” Tara M.

“Before meeting Gillian, my only race had been a 5K in 2016 with a completion time of 43 minutes. Well, thanks to Gillian, I started running again AND signed up for another 5K race and accomplished it in 35 minutes after 10 weeks of coaching starting from ground zero.”   Cristina M.

Through training with Coach G, I gained confidence, motivation, and dedication to my runs. Gillian has always been great at motivating me and keeping my goal in sight. Having to send in my results after my solo runs provided me with accountability which is something that I lack when not with a coach! This is a great perk when working with a coach because “you just gotta do it” and Gillian is so great at providing continuous encouragement, motivation and positivity. Gillian always offered and encouraged me to run at my own pace – I never felt uncomfortable or like “I suck” throughout my running sessions with Gillian. I felt like I could push myself and I wanted to push myself.  Throughout my time with Gillian, not only did I get better on every run, but I also learned warm-ups, stretching, cool-downs, nutritional tips and running posture.  I strongly recommend training with Gillian as she is dedicated, reliable, flexible with scheduling, encouraging, positive and overall an AMAZING human being!!! I am a runner thanks to Gillian and all her hard work.” Niamh R.

“Before I met Coach G, I had completed three half marathons and a number of shorter distances, but I felt running a full marathon was beyond my reach. Coach G turned my self-doubts upside down and helped me realize that running a marathon was well within my reach. Her positivity and passion for running got me inspired to tackle the distance, and she kept me accountable, pushing me to reach my potential. With weekly training schedules and regular check ins, she offered insightful feedback on my runs, tips to improve my speed and form, and so much motivational support! Her texts before my runs and nuggets of wisdom were catalysts for crushing hill repeats and hitting new PBs. She taught me to tune into my body, tend to my running aches and pains, and always, always hydrate! Although marathon training was grueling at times and I had a couple setbacks, Coach G was always there cheering me on and celebrating my little victories along the way. When race day came along, I knew without a doubt I would cross the finish line, and I did just that with a big smile. 
Completing a marathon was once a dream of mine and now it’s a reality!  Coach G’s unwavering support and coaching played a key role in making it happen. Thank you, Coach G!!”
Amy P.

“Coach G helped me to go slower on my slow days and pushed me past my comfort zone on my tempo days. She listened when I got down on myself and helped me to find my own ways of turning down the negative thoughts. She taught me how to train effectively while lowering my risks of injury.” Jen M.

“Gillian is a reliable, consistent and enthusiastic running trainer. She is passionate about running, setting and achieving personal goals and supporting others to do their best. It was a pleasure to have her as my running coach.” Rachel G.