“Gillian was my running coach this year for six months, as I trained and ran my first 1/2 marathon.  Her support and dedication to my training was integral in me reaching my goal, which I could never have done on my own.  From the initial plan design, to the daily touch points, she kept me inspired, engaged and honest about my training.  She is a very professional coach, with a fantastic sense of humor, that makes even the toughest training runs bearable.  On top of her incredible passion for running, her knowledge about taking care of my physical and emotional health was a fantastic learning experience.”  Karen L.

“Gillian is a reliable, consistent and enthusiastic running trainer. She is passionate about running, setting and achieving personal goals and supporting others to do their best. It was a pleasure to have her as my running coach in 2017.” Rachel G.

Running on my own to train for a race? No way! I do not have the dedication and the motivation to do that, especially on those cold and rainy days. Before meeting Gillian, my only race had been a 5K in 2016 with a completion time of 43 minutes. Well, thanks to Gillian, I started running again AND signed up for another 5K race and accomplished it in 35 minutes after 10 weeks of coaching starting from ground zero.  Through training with Gillian, I gained confidence, motivation, and dedication to my runs. Each week, I had to do 2 solo runs and send my results in to Gillian, and then a third run with her. It was sometimes hard getting out for those solo runs depending on the weather and how I was feeling. However, Gillian has always been great at motivating me and keeping my goal in sight. Having to send in my results after my solo runs provided me with accountability which is something that I lack when not with a coach! This is a great perk when working with a coach because “you just gotta do it” and Gillian is so great at providing continuous encouragement, motivation and positivity. Gillian provided continuous support through texts with encouraging words, emojis and always met me with positive energy, attitude and ready to run. Gillian always offered and encouraged me to run at my own pace. Closer to the race, Gillian gently pushed me to run faster. I never felt uncomfortable or like “I suck” throughout my running sessions with Gillian. I felt like I could push myself and I wanted to push myself.  Throughout my time with Gillian, not only did I get better on every run, but I also learned warm ups, stretching, cool downs, nutritional tips and running posture.  I strongly recommend training with Gillian as she is dedicated, reliable, flexible with scheduling, encouraging, positive and overall an AMAZING human being!!! I am a runner thanks to Gillian and all her hard work.” Cristina M.