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It’s been a wee while since I had a guest blogger on here – and I really am sorry for that as I blooming love them! I absolutely love them because; a) it’s great to be a little nosy and find out about how runners got started running; b) I like finding out about races that I’ve never heard of before; and c) (this is possibly my most favourite) hearing the incredible hints, tips and advice.

Today on ‘Why do you run?’ we have the pleasure of having Jamie. I’ve followed Jamie on Instagram now for a couple of years; no matter the weather, the workout or the time of day, she always has this huge smile on her face. I highly recommend you checking her out on IG and her blog (links are below). 



When you can’t be bothered running and you’d rather stay in and watch Netflix, or meet your friends for a drink, perhaps have a bath with a glass of wine, or an extra hour in bed; we’ve all been there. But what do you do? Do you give into temptation and not run, or do you force yourself out the door?

Ask yourself these questions:


We’ve all been there, a run that is a struggle from start to finish. Our legs feel like lead. Every step feels like it could be the last before tumbling to the ground in a heap. These are the runs where we prove to ourselves that we are strong and capable.

Boy oh boy, this morning’s run was one of these tough runs, and in fact my husband was feeling the same way, so at least we were both on the struggle train together.


I started listening to podcasts about a year ago. I was struggling with my runs post Seawheeze, and a good friend told me to try listening to a podcast, as that’ll help take my mind off the struggle train I was on. And O-M-G, she was blooming right!

Now I tend to do a third of my runs listening to a podcast, a third listening to music, and the remaining third I go without earbuds so I can listen to my breathing and foot fall.

I dip in and out of a lot of podcasts, but the 5 below are definitely my favourites. The presenters are motivational, inspirational and I get so much out of each run; I now see those podcast runs as personal development AND physical development – double whammy!

GUEST BLOG #15 – Why do you run?


So here it is, the first ‘Why do you run’ guest blog of 2019. For a couple of months now I wasn’t sure if I would continue with this guest series in 2019 – but it ultimately turned into pure nosiness in that I wanted to find out more about some incredible runners that I follow on Instagram.

This month’s guest blog is Jill, and her Instagram handle is @jillamama. I absolutely love her Instagram account; not only is it documenting her running journey, but it is filled with interesting Canadian facts. Go check her out and say hello.