Running plans

Initial consultation – free

Training for anything is an undertaking, so this one-hour phone call or Skype is your opportunity to get to know me, and me to get to know you.  There is no obligation to sign on to work with me; this is a free consultation for you to assess whether you would like to take this training journey with me.

Some of the topics we’ll talk about are your fitness history, your fitness goals, any past or current injuries, and how I can be there to support you.  


Here are the training options:

One-Time Plan

‘Make it happen’ plan – CA $65.00

Want a personalised training plan but don’t want to have any additional ongoing support? Then this is for you.

I will create a personalised training plan for a goal race of your choice (from 5k to marathon), which takes into account your current running ability, how often you can dedicate to training each week, and your running goal. This training plan will be a complete 12 or 20 week plan (see below), taking you to your goal race and including 2 weeks post-race recovery.  I will email the plan to you in PDF format, then it is yours to follow; no additional changes will be made to this plan. 

5K and 10K plans will be 10 weeks with 2 weeks post-race recovery mileage (12 weeks total).

Half and full marathon plans will be 18 weeks with 2 weeks post-race recovery mileage (20 weeks total). 


Monthly Package

With the monthly package you’ll get one-on-one coaching with a personalised training plan designed just for you.  I will keep you accountable to your goals, motivate you, and support you in every way I can.  So whether you are looking for coaching all year round, to support you over several months as you work towards a goal, or just one month to get you started, this package can be tailored to your needs. A monthly plan gives you flexibility; payment is due by your first day of training (this always lands on a Monday), and covers you for a month; you are not locked in to multiple months of training, and can cancel at any time. 

‘You’ve got this’ package – CA $95.00 a month

This package includes:

-A personalised training plan created especially for your running goals.

-Unlimited changes to your training plan. Missing 1 run is not the end of the world, nor is missing 2 or 3; life happens.  I will work with you to make changes to your training plan whenever life throws you a curve ball.

-Unlimited emails and texts.  Have any questions?  Need some motivation or encouragement?  Planning on buying new running gear and want a second opinion?  Or maybe you are sick and not sure if you should run – whatever it is, I am here for you (I’d say night or day, but I go to bed ridiculously early, so I am here for you until 8pm PST).

-Once a week you will receive an email from me with details of the next week’s plan.  My preference is weekly as it keeps you focused on what you are doing in a short block of time, rather than seeing a month ahead and possibly freaking out that your training plan has you running 281km in a couple of weeks’ time (only joking, the most I’ll schedule is 280.5km) (again, I’m joking!).  I will also use this as a chance to check in with you, find out how your runs have gone that week, and if anything in your training plan needs to change.

-Warm-up and cool-down routines.  Not all runners do a full warm-up and cool-down, but I strongly encourage you to get into the habit of doing them with each run; it helps with injury prevention.

-As I mentioned above, I am here for you, supporting you every step of the way.  If you need any advice on nutrition, race day prep, race strategy, general running questions, cross training, injury prevention, recovery tips, and anything really to do with running and nutrition; then I am 100% here for you. 


Phone Call/Skype Coaching Session

‘Keep going’ call – CA $35.00 per hour

Whether or not you are a GMacSpurr client, I offer the option of a phone call or Skype coaching session.  We would use this session to discuss whatever running related topic you are faced with; so whether you would like talk through a challenging period in your training, or looking for advice on setting a race goal time, or perhaps you want to talk about race strategy, or simply are looking for some motivation to help you over a training slump. This coaching session is for you!