“Sitting is the new smoking” Dr. James Levine (Mayo Clinic)

It’s likely you’ve heard this quote from Dr. Levine before. For most people, sitting at a desk for 8+ hours is the reality of an office position. But sitting down for long periods of time with minimal to no movement can increase the risks of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc.

Which is why, GMacSpurr Coaching has the below corporate offerings that can help support employees’ health and wellness by focusing on simple things that can be done every day, week and month. These simple movement and nourishment strategies can help increase productivity and alertness, as well as improving memory, mood and cognitive function.

Movement stimulates various brain chemicals that make you feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious.

The below corporate offerings focus on employees’ health and wellness, complementing your existing employee initiatives and programs:

  • 31×31 – 31-Day Movement Challenge
  • Virtual Lunch & Learn
  • Group Running Coaching

If you have any questions related to any of the offerings below, please >>schedule a time to chat<< or >>send an email<<.

31×31 – Your 31-Day Movement Challenge

Daily movement has so many benefits – both physical and mental – but sometimes it can be hard to get motivated or find the time for this incredible gift. This challenge has been created to support individuals in prioritizing daily movement.


The Challenge

31×31 = 31 days of movement for 31 minutes per day.

This challenge is inclusive of all fitness levels, as the participant picks their movement and intensity. It is encouraged that as many of these movements are done outside in the fresh air.

All challengers receive a welcome pack which includes resources to support them throughout the 31 days, along with a daily email with hints, tips and inspiration.


Up to 50

Time Commitment

10 minutes creating a personalized movement schedule,
<1 minute reading the daily email,
31 minutes of movement a day.


$350 CAD (per challenge)

*Participant details must be provided to GMacSpurr Coaching a minimum of 3 working days prior to the agreed upon challenge start date. No additional participants can be added after the challenge has begun.

Virtual Lunch & Learn

Virtual Wellness Lunch & Learns (VLL) are a great addition to any existing employee initiatives and programs. As these sessions take place virtually, this allows for global participation.



-Adding Movement Into Your Day
-Fueling Right For Your Day
-Preventing The Afternoon Slump
-Food & Your Mental Health


These VLLs have been designed as an opportunity for employees to learn wellness topics for the office as well as at home. A presentation will be used to guide the conversation, with the opportunity for employee engagement throughout – this is a safe and inclusive space for asking questions and sharing experiences. For this reason, it is strongly recommended not to record these sessions. 


Up to 30

Time Commitment

45-60 minutes


$125 CAD (per session)

Virtual Group Running Coaching

If you have a corporate team for a local race, why not consider this group coaching program to support the runners in achieving their individual and group race goals.

*Participant details and race distance must be provided to GMacSpurr Coaching a minimum of 5 working days prior to the agreed upon group coaching program start date. If the participant wishes to use TrainingPeaks they must create their account 5 working days prior to the agree upon group coaching program start date. No additional participants can be added after the program has begun.

Gillian, or Coach G, is a certified running, sports nutrition & athlete mindset coach based in Toronto, Canada.

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