All about G

Hi *waves* I’m Gillian/ G/ Coach G.

I moved to Canada from Scotland in 2014 at a time when I was very unhealthy and unfit. I did no exercise and convinced myself that I was eating healthily and only having treats in moderation (but it was all lies!).  At the time I didn’t have the motivation or willpower to change.  But that all changed, thanks to Canada (yes the whole entire country, if you are Canadian, I thank you).

Even in the harsh winter, when it would be justifiable to hibernate, Torontonians were active. As I watched the runners braving the cold and snow, it didn’t look like it was the chore that I thought it would be – they looked happy and relaxed. It had never occurred to me before that fitness would be enjoyable; I wanted to be a runner. So I decided that my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 would be to run a 5km race and eat healthily.  I normally give up on resolutions by mid January, but for some reason these stuck – I was so committed to these goals. I was clean eating every day, and despite the disgusting Toronto winter weather, I would run after work three times a week.  I had no idea about pace, or distance, or tracking apps, or even a run/walk method – I just ran.  By May I had completed my 5km race goal, then in September I did a 10km race, and a half-marathon in October. I was completely hooked on running!

Fast forward to now, and I have run races from 5km distance to marathons, volunteered at races, and been a running instructor at a local running store. Running and healthy eating have become so much more to me than wanting to be healthy and fit; they are a way of life.  In 2018 I wanted to learn more, so once again I was back to creating a New Year’s resolution plan, and made 2018 all about self-development.  After a year of studying, I became a certified marathon running coach (North American Academy of Sports Fitness Professionals) and Culinary Nutrition Expert (Academy of Culinary Nutrition).

I predominately wanted to do these qualifications to increase my own knowledge so that I could run better and have a deeper understanding of nutrition.  It wasn’t long before I realised I wanted to do more, I wanted to help others – which is how I became Coach G.  I absolutely love helping clients achieve their running and nutrition goals – it brings me so much joy to see them absolutely crush their dreams.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions –