January is a super gloomy month, right? β„πŸŒ§πŸ’¨

It’s so easy to slide into hibernation mode and turn into a sofa slug for the first month or 2 of the new year.


You are going to kick off 2023 STRONG by committing to moving your body every single day in January.

At the end of January, you will feel like an absolute BADASS and be 31-DAYS closer to achieving your 2023 movement goals.

What will life look like after you’ve invested 31-DAYS IN YOURSELF?

For the equivalent of $1 a day, you’ll:

  • FEEL amazing mentally & physically having moved your body EVERY. SINGLE. DAY of January,
  • Prioritize YOU & YOUR 2023 movement goals,
  • Step into February one-month closer to achieving your movement goals,
  • Meet an AMAZING supportive accountability community,
  • Be a serious BADASS moving your body outside in the chilly temps.

How will you feel come the 1st of February after you’ve dedicated 31-days to your movement goals?

31 x 31 DEETS πŸ‘‡

WHAT IS THIS CHALLENGE?: 31 minutes of movement every day throughout the 31-days of January, 2023. It can be any form of movement, but a) it’s encouraged to get outside for as many of these as possible and b) your welcome pack will include daily walking, running, and movement recommendations.

WHY 31 MINUTES?: It could totally have been 31 x 30….but it doesn’t quite have the same ring as 31 x 31, does it? PLUS, I am a HUGE fan of doing ONE MORE. So rather than 30 minutes, we’re aiming for 31!

WHO IS THIS CHALLENGE FOR?: YOU! Ha, no seriously, it is perfect for anybody that is looking to be active in January and to do it with a badass supportive accountability group. So whether you wish to walk every day, or more, this challenge is inclusive of all fitness levels.

WHAT’S INCLUDED?: Accountability and support through in a private Facebook group, weekly challenges to keep movement fun, guidance and support with a welcome pack that is crammed full of resources, and finally, access to running, nutrition and mindset coaching with Coach G!

WHAT IS THE PRICE: Well, a 31-day, 31-minute-per-day challenge has gotta be priced at $31 CAD, right? And BONUS, you’ll receive a discount code to get $31 CAD off any GMacSpurr Coaching training plan or coaching program.



I’m not a runner, do I have to run?

This is a movement challenge, so move your body in whatever way that brings you joy. Yes, Coach G is a running coach, so there will be a little focus throughout this challenge on running, but you don’t need to be a runner. IF you want to take up running, then this is 100% the best place to start – you can pick Coach G’s brain throughout the challenge!

Can I use my own training plan?

ABSOLUTELY! There is a $31 CAD discount on all GMacSpurr Coaching training plans and coaching, but if you already have a plan you are working on then you can absolutely stick with that!

I don’t have any goals set for 2023 yet, is it worth me joining still?

Totally, focus on moving your body every day of this challenge for pleasure. Don’t stress about setting goals, the perfect goal will find you.