I grew up believing working out or exercising was a chore that had to be endured to stay healthy.

Thankfully I no longer see it as that; movement is a way to celebrate what my body is capable of and it can be so much fun.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have been on many runs that left me questioning what the heck I was doing this for; those runs were not fun! But often after completing those mentally or physically challenging runs, I felt epic at the end; or at the very least they certainly helped build my resilience.

If you aren’t enjoying your workouts then perhaps it’s because you haven’t found the right activity for you. There are SO many different ways to move your body – from rock climbing, to paddle boarding, to pilates, to rugby, to lifting weights, to dancing – so don’t get stuck feeling like movement is a chore when there is a world of possibilities out there.

Check out this post on ‘11 ways to make your workouts more fun and enjoyable

I challenge you this week to try something different. Let me know what you get up to in the comments below.


Is one of your goals this year to tackle a new running distance, or heck, even begin running? It can be hard going alone, I’ve been there with the uncertainty and having no clue if what I was reading online was correct or absolute BS. If you’d like to spend an hour chatting with me about coaching and whether working together to help you achieve your running goal might be right for you, then click on the link below to book yourself a completely free consultation call. I promise it’s not sales-y and you are not locked into anything, it’s 100% just a conversation around your running goals and what I could do to support you.

Alternatively, I have 4 on-demand training packs available: Couch to 5K, Running 10K, Running Your First Half-Marathon, and Running Your First Marathon.

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