Taking that first step towards achieving your goal(s) can be scary, but it really doesn’t need to be.

First things first, take a look at your goal and break it down into small, teeny tiny steps – the smaller the better in my opinion – with the first one being something really small to get the dial moving 1% on your goal RIGHT NOW. It could be:

  • Signing up to an in-person or virtual race (not sure which one to sign up to? Follow me on Instagram as every Monday I highlight upcoming 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon races)
  • Purchasing a training plan (see below for info on my training plans – they are absolutely PACKED with info)
  • Research blog platforms and decide on your blog name
  • Download a meditation app and take a look at what meditations are available (calm and headspace are my top 2)
  • Go live on Instagram to say hello to your community
  • Sign up to that barre class you’ve always wanted to try (I really like barre3)
  • Rather than watching tv tonight after dinner, promise yourself you will switch the tv off and spend that hour working on your new hobby

What can you do right now that will move that dial to take you 1% closer to your goal?


Is one of your goals this year to tackle a new running distance, or heck, even begin running? It can be hard going alone, I’ve been there with the uncertainty and having no clue if what I was reading online was correct or absolute BS. If you’d like to spend an hour chatting with me about coaching and whether working together to help you achieve your running goal might be right for you, then click on the link below to book yourself a completely free consultation call. I promise it’s not sales-y and you are not locked into anything, it’s 100% just a conversation around your running goals and what I could do to support you.

Alternatively, I have 4 on-demand training packs available: Couch to 5K, Running 10K, Running Your First Half-Marathon, and Running Your First Marathon.

GMacSpurr Coaching

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