So you’ve written your 2022 goals and you’ve identified your ‘why’; now it’s time to layer on accountability.

Let’s start with what accountability is; it’s being responsible for the outcome. What’s the outcome? The outcome here is achieving your 2022 goals. Nobody else will achieve YOUR goals except you, so you need to identify what or who will keep you accountable.

Accountability can come from internal or external sources; the trick here is to identify which is a more powerful driver for yourself (it could be a 50/50 split).

Here are some examples:

  • You don’t like wasting money, so spending $120 on a race registration will keep you accountable (internal accountability)
  • You share your goals on social media to your friends and family; their support and check-ins will keep you accountable (external accountability)
  • Every Sunday night you write out your goals and what you need to do over the coming week to move the dial 1%, keeping you accountable (internal accountability)
  • Your friend is also learning to run so you set a schedule and commit to running together 3 times a week to keep you both accountable (external accountability)
  • You know you struggle with accountability, internal and external, so you hire a coach to keep you accountable (external accountability)

Take some time now to identify what and/or who will keep you accountable to achieve your 2022 goals.

Next week I’m going to chat about First Steps. The great Mohammad Ali famously said, “Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take that first step”. Make sure to sign up to the GMacSpurr Coaching VIP list to receive a weekly email with bonus info that isn’t available on here, my YouTube channel, or social platforms.


Is one of your goals this year to tackle a new running distance, or heck, even begin running? It can be hard going alone, I’ve been there with the uncertainty and having no clue if what I was reading online was correct or absolute BS. If you’d like to spend an hour chatting with me about coaching and whether working together to help you achieve your running goal might be right for you, then click on the link below to book yourself a completely free consultation call. I promise it’s not sales-y and you are not locked into anything, it’s 100% just a conversation around your running goals and what I could do to support you.

Alternatively, I have 4 on-demand training packs available: Couch to 5K, Running 10K, Running Your First Half-Marathon, and Running Your First Marathon.

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