Last week we were working on our 2022 goals. If you missed last week, then I recommend you take some time – and have a little fun – to complete the 2022 Goals Workbook which can be found here.

Now that you’ve created your 2022 goals – YIPPEE – it’s time to get working on them. Dedicating the time to work on them may feel easier now, what with it being a new year, and we’re fired up to achieve some shit. But there will come a time, and perhaps more than once or twice, when self-doubt/worry/overwhelm/temptation [delete as appropriate] creeps in telling you that you don’t need to stick with achieving your goal(s). That’s why finding your ‘why’ now, will help keep you on track when that little voice inside your head tries to convince you otherwise.

I’ve been there. It’s never difficult to find a reason not to do something, even if it’s something you really want to achieve – cold weather, bad weather, tiredness, something else you would rather do, lack of motivation, worry that you won’t reach your goal. This is why taking the time now to reflect on your ‘why’ will help. I know people whose ‘why’ was to build up their fitness to be able to comfortably run around the park with their children, and that was the thing that got them out the door every time.


Once you’ve completed the Finding Your Why Workbook, consider putting it in a prominent spot in your home and/or workspace as a constant reminder to yourself. Seeing it daily will help reinforce why you set yourself your 2022 goals.

You don’t need to share your ‘why’ with anyone – but heck, if you want to share it on social media to help keep you accountable then you do you! – but on days you’re struggling with keeping on track with your goal, think of your ‘why’.

Next week I’m going to talk about Accountability, which is really important to keep you on track when you are working on your goals. Make sure to sign up to the GMacSpurr Coaching VIP list to receive a weekly email with bonus info that isn’t available on here, my YouTube channel, or social platforms.

Did you put running as one of your 2022 goals?

If so, YEAH, that is awesome. I am super pumped for you. If you’d be open to it, please reach out, I’d love to cheer you on and answer any questions you may have.

If you are brand new to running with the aim of running your first 5k (just like I did), I have a Couch to 5k training plan that breaks down all the info out there and hones in on what you need to know to hit your goal… it includes a 12-week training plan, which supports you in building up your fitness level.

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