Earlier this week, I posted about creating your 2022 goals. If you want to watch the YouTube video – it’s a short one – you can check it out here (and while you are there, consider subscribing to the channel! Thanks.)

Goal setting! I love me some goal setting. Actually, it’s not the goal setting I love, it’s being driven by this promise I made to myself, and dang, I will not let myself down. Back in 2014, I set myself a goal to run a 5K race despite being incredibly unfit and unhealthy; I needed to do this for me. You can read my story on how I smashed the shit out of that target. Click here to read more.

I created a simple 2022 Goals Workbook that will help you shape what your 2022 could look like. Now is the time to dream BIG. Don’t let anything stop you from putting down what you really wish to achieve in 2022. If your goal doesn’t scare you, then try to think bigger!

In your 2022 Goals Workbook, I’d recommend including a minimum of one goal related to movement, one for nourishment and one for wellness. To me that feels like a triangle of goal goodness.

Don’t want to have a triangle of goal goodness, then do whatever you wish, these goals are yours after all. You’ll see in the workbook, I’ve included 4 pages for goals, if you want more pages then print more off, or if you only want one goal, then just use one page. Do what works for you. I’d recommend going into as much detail as possible with your goals to make them feel real!

Next week I’m going to talk about Finding Your Why, which is really important for when things get tough when working on your goals. It’s ANOTHER free downloadable workbook, so make sure to sign up to the GMacSpurr Coaching VIP list to receive weekly emails with bonus info that isn’t available anywhere else.

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