I used to have cold showers all the time, but I can’t remember how and when that habit stopped. It wasn’t until I recently watched the Joe Wicks YouTube video (below) that reminded me that this used to be a part of my daily routine.

For me personally, I eased myself back into having cold showers because I know if I tried jumping straight into a freezing cold shower after having delicious hot showers for so long, I wouldn’t keep it up. Instead, over the course of a week I eased myself into it and now can comfortably start the shower cold.


Here are the steps I took to ease myself into having daily cold showers:

  • Instead of automatically putting the shower to the heat you typically start your shower at, reduce it a fraction so it is warm versus hot. It’s still a pleasant temperature,
  • Once you are used to this warm temperature, every 30 seconds or so, reduce the temperature down a little each time,
  • Depending on how warm you started your shower, and how long you were in there for, you should be ending it either cold, or very close to being cold,
  • The following day, try starting the shower slightly colder than you started with the day previous, until you are fully acclimatised and able to start and end the shower on cold.


There are so many benefits to having cold showers, here are my top 3:

  • My hair looks so much shinier and really soft (goodbye, conditioner).
  • As I end my shower with really cold water, I feel like an absolute beast. I jump out of the shower (often after a little shower dance) with buckets of energy and feeling so much more alert than I would be having left the comforts of a hot shower. I am super pumped to start my day.
  • After a tough workout, having a cold shower/ice bath really helps aid with reducing muscle soreness due to increased circulation with getting more oxygen and blood to muscles.

Here’s the YouTube video that inspired me to take on the challenge of daily cold showers:

HELLO, I’m Gillian, a running and nutrition coach based in Toronto, Canada. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, it really means a lot to me. If you are interested, I have MORE:

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