Destination races, or otherwise known as a race-cation, are a lot of fun. Not only do you have the excitement of a race to look forward to, but you also have a mini-break (or a longer stay if you prefer) to get excited about as well. Running is a really nice way to see different parts of the world. 

One of the things I find stressful about race-cations, however, is the packing. Packing for a vacation stresses me out a bit too, but if you forget something on a vacation, there is a good chance you can go out and buy what you have forgotten. A race-cation is different, because there are a lot of crucial things that you need for a race that are not easily replaceable. 

Cue helpful Coach G.

Here is a list of what I always pack for race-cations. 

  • Running shoes – obvs. 
  • Running clothes (take a selection that will suit weather changes) – obvs again. 
  • Hydration belt and empty water bottles. 
  • Food items for the race – gels, snacks, electrolytes. 
  • Bowl, travel cutlery and dry ingredients for overnight oats (my pre-race breakfast). 
  • A small amount of laundry detergent (to soak my running clothes in after the race – believe me, it’s worth it, especially if you are extending the vacation for a while after the race). 
  • In case of injury and/or post-race recovery – KT tape, pain-killers, epsom salts. 
  • Roller stick and ball for that post-race recovery roller session.

Also, a little hint – for all the crucial race gear that you can’t replace, I recommend putting this in hand luggage so that it is with you at all times when you travel. 

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