Well that’s ultimately down to you really.

Do you want to workout during the holidays? Does your body need the break? Do you want to keep working towards your fitness goals? Is fitness such an ingrained habit that this isn’t even a question you’d ask yourself?

If your answer is yes, you want to workout during the holidays, then here are my top 4 tips:

This is a busy time of year so if you want to stick to your training plan, then get those dates and times scheduled in your calendar as non-negotiable appointments.

If the above isn’t possible, then as soon as you get up in the morning, put on your workout gear, this way you are ready to workout whenever a 10-20 minute window opens up; saving you the 5 minutes it would take for you to change and get out the door.

Consider encouraging family members (that you are bubbling with) to do the run or workout with you – they may not be super keen initially, but it could be so much fun.

Mix up your routine – maybe you change your running route to take in all the festive decorations in your neighbourhood, or try a new online yoga class (so many gyms and studios just now are offering free 1-week trials of their online classes) – doing something different will make it special.

And it’s totally ok to take a break during the festive period too! Do whatever your body needs right now…..just remember though, working out will really help with your mental health, especially during this period when it can be particularly stressful.

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