This week’s guest blogger is the wonderful Vicki, aka vickithevibe.

Three things I can tell you about Vicki (apart from that she is an incredible runner!): she is a Scot living in Dubai, she is an Adidas running crew coach, and her Instagram feed is full to the brim with inspiration. I highly recommend you check her out!


1. Why did you start running?

I have always been into sports and when I was aged 17, my best friend from Primary school and I did our first 10km race in Glasgow, Scotland. I then relaxed off and only took it up again about 8 years ago as part of a boot camp to lose weight. The SERIOUS, competitive running started February, 2017 when I joined Adidas Runners Dubai and here we are now, 4 marathons later!

2. What motivates you to keep running?

Charity races and fundraising! There is no better feeling than putting your passion to work for a better cause! I also thrive on running with a group and training other girls on a Sunday night. The energy of like minded individuals coming together to do what we love is magical! Being a highly competitive person, the challenge of smashing PBs is in my blood. That in turn motivates others as they can achieve what I have through commitment, belief and encouragement from those in the surrounding circle!

3. What is your favourite distance and why?

Race: 5km as it is actually a very difficult one to know when to push, maintain your pace, remember to breathe whilst also driving each km. It gets my blood pumping with the butterflies a go-go!

Social: 10km along the beach track, as it is enough time to chat and catch up with running buddies whilst taking in epic sunrise views and sea air!

4. Tell me about your most memorable race.

London Marathon 2018, my first marathon. My new Garmin paused after a few km, my music stopped working and my pace was all over the shop, but I had my Mum, boyfriend and other friends cheering me on on home soil! When I finished, I could barely walk. I spotted Katherine Switzer in front of me, but my legs didn’t move fast enough to be able to meet her! I ran London for a British charity who supports people of determination by getting them back into work, helps alter their homes for wheelchair access and supports their needs. To run for those who can’t, in what was the hottest London Marathon to date was certainly memorable. It also defined me as a “marathoner” and I flew back to Dubai as part of a new percentage of the world’s population with a spring in my step!

5. What did you learn about yourself training for this race?

That I over trained! I did way too much gym and cross training work, as well as the running, so I exhausted myself before the race even began! I also learnt that I have a super strong mindset and vibe off the energy of a crowd through smiling.

6. What’s the best piece of running advice you’ve received?

Relax your shoulders, breath and tell yourself you can do this by running the km you are in!



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