You are in a training cycle, but you are due to go away on a vacation/business trip; what do you do with your training while away?

Firstly, be honest with yourself, will you be able to fit in any runs while away?

If not, that’s totally fine. Enjoy being away and don’t feel guilty for missing out on a couple of runs – you won’t lose fitness in a couple of days!  When you return home, don’t go crazy doing 7 runs in a week to make up for what you missed. Just pick up your training plan where you left off.

If you do want to workout when away, great; decide how many sessions or how much time you can dedicate to working out. Once you know this, you/your coach can plan your training for your trip.

Here are 4 vacay workout suggestions:

-Is there a gym and/or pool where you are staying? Could you get up early and use the facilities, even if it’s just for a short run, swim or strength training session?

-If there isn’t a gym or you would prefer to be outside, reach out to local running groups, clubs, and stores to see if they can recommend any running routes or if there are any free groups you could join.

-Could you combine your workout with sightseeing? Whether that is running, cycling or walking – you can explore and get a workout in at the same time.

-Consider doing yoga or a HIIT session (high-intensity interval training) – there are so many YouTube channels dedicated to workouts that can be done with no equipment.

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