Whether you’ve just run a race and are looking for your next challenge, or haven’t raced in a while but would like to have a goal to work towards, ask yourself these 3 questions.


Question 1 – What distance would you like to race?

This could be a distance you are already comfortable doing but want to get faster in, or you are tackling the next milestone distance.  Be honest with yourself and what your goals are.  Don’t go with the next milestone distance just because that’s what you feel like you should do. If you are comfortable running a 5k or 10k race and have no desire to do a half or full marathon, then that’s totally ok, you don’t have to do these distances if you don’t want to.


Question 2 – What race do you pick?

If you don’t know what race to do, and local ones don’t excite you, then I recommend doing a bit of browsing on Instagram to see what races other runners are doing. I find seeing photos taken by runners of the expo and the race itself is a better indication of what to expect, rather than the official race PR pics.

If the race excites you, there is plenty of time to train for it, and you can fit it into your schedule, then you go for it!


Question 3 – What is your race goal?

Not every race goal is to get a PB (personal best). It could be you want to run the race because it’s got beautiful views, in which case you may want to run slower. You maybe want to run it with friends and make a whole experience out of it. Or maybe you do want to get a PB or even a BQ (Boston Qualifier time).

Before you start training for the race, make sure you are clear on your race goal. This will help you and your coach (if you have one) plan your training program to help you achieve your goal.


I hope these questions help you to decide what your next race will be.


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