We’ve all been there, a run that is a struggle from start to finish. Our legs feel like lead. Every step feels like it could be the last before tumbling to the ground in a heap. These are the runs where we prove to ourselves that we are strong and capable.

Boy oh boy, this morning’s run was one of these tough runs, and in fact my husband was feeling the same way, so at least we were both on the struggle train together.

Here are my 6 strategies to try to get you to the end smiling, well, maybe not fully smiling, but you made it to the end! *The caveat to these is if you have any pain you must stop running. These strategies are not to be used to push through pain.

Get out of your head. Listen to a podcast, music or talk to your running buddy.

Have a gel or sports beans or a drink of water – perhaps you are just lacking energy or hydration.

Play a game (or 2). Check out this blog for suggestions of what games I play during a challenging run.

Don’t stay close to home on these runs. Running away from home will force you to run the distance you set out to do. I find if I am close to home then it makes me want to quit even more.

If you aren’t already running intervals, for example 10:1s, then add in 30-60 second walking breaks every X minutes. This will then give you something to look forward to.

And finally, if all that fails, ask yourself ‘How bad do I want this?’ For me, this statement is what drives me forward.  No matter how hard the run is, and no matter how badly I want to stop, I will not give up when I’m faced with the question of how badly I want this.

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