First things first, whether you ‘jog’, run intervals (that’s when you run for X number of minutes, walk for X number of minutes and repeat), or run continuously – you, my friend, are a runner!

It can be overwhelming when starting running – you go into a running store and see ALL the gear. It’s difficult to know what is required, what is a nice to have, and what would be a complete waste of money.

Here is my list of 5 things to get you started.

1 – Running shoes. These can be pricey but if you want to be a runner then it’s a necessity; I’d highly recommend you go and get fitted for a pair at a running store. I have a blog on 5 tips for buying new runners that can help you when going to buy a pair of runners.

2 – This one is for the ladies – a supportive sports bra. There are a lot of different brands and price ranges for sports bras, so shop around to find the right one for you.

These are my top 2, and if you want, you can buy just these and off you go – you are a runner. The 3 below are items that you will likely want soon after you’ve started running regularly.

3 – A means to track your runs. Now this could be a GPS watch or app – whatever you prefer. I started off using MapMyRun then after 6 months of running, I purchased a Garmin Forerunner watch. Most apps are free for a basic account, and there are many available, but the two I have tried and enjoyed using are Strava and MapMyRun.

4 – A water bottle. There are a lot of different options for a water bottle – do you want handheld, a belt, or a pack? Really you could just use any plastic bottle you have in your house, it doesn’t need to be a fancy one from a running store to begin with, but there will come a time in the not too distant future when you’ll need more than just a plastic bottle to hold. That’s when I’d recommend you get a running belt; that way you can carry your water and also have a pouch for your cell phone, keys, ID and anything else you want to take with you. When looking for a belt, try and stay away from anything with Velcro – not only will it mess up your clothes when it catches, but if you carry a couple of bottles of water, it won’t take long before the belt can’t hold the weight without falling off – so go with one that has a clip. I really like the Nathan brand, but there are many out there to choose from.

5 – Moisture-wicking gear. Now you can easily run with any sweats or t-shirts that you currently own, but you will want to upgrade to buy a few pieces that are specifically designed to wick the sweat away from your body to prevent chafe. You don’t have to buy this from a running store, a lot of high street brands offer workout gear that can be much cheaper than the big running brands. Shop around and find what you like. I’d recommend getting light colours for summer running, and try and get items with reflective strips so drivers can see you if/when running in the dark.

Now there are A LOT more things that you may consider down the road (no pun intended) including a rain jacket, a head lamp, hat or visor etc, but these 5 will get you out the door and start you on your running journey.


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