Where has the summer gone? I feel like I was just starting (and re-starting) Seawheeze 2018 training, and now we are in week 10 – THE RACE IS IN 4 MORE WEEKS!!!! YIKESSSSS!  If you are training for this race (or any fall/autumn race for that matter), how has training been going for you? Are you feeling race ready, or wish you had a few extra weeks/months before race day?

Overall my runs have been good. I am generally sticking to my paces and planned distances. There have been a few I’ve missed (runs, paces, and distances), but I haven’t been too worried about it.  I continually try to concentrate solely on the run I am in, doing the best job that I can possibly do.  The heat hasn’t helped; I forgot how horrible training during the summer months is. And the smoky conditions in B.C. right now (we are in a State of Emergency because of all the wildfires) definitely making it challenging to get those runs in.

This is the first time I have continuously incorporated cross training into my training schedule.  I did a bit of yoga in my first year of running, but apart from that I have been exclusively running. I started SpinCo in June and frigging love it!  Despite the sweat dripping into my eyes, nose and mouth, I absolutely love it and almost always leave with a great big smile on my face. It’s making me so much stronger, I can see my body toning up, and as for my biceps, well let me tell you, they are bulging!  I am definitely interested to see how much of a difference cross training makes come race day.

I’ve had sore shins for the past month or so. I wasn’t sure if it was due to needing new runners, whether starting spin was having an effect on muscles I don’t normally use, whether I wasn’t foam rolling or stretching enough, or a combination of all of them. Generally the discomfort didn’t bother me much on runs, until this weekend. So I am resting, icing, I have an appointment this week with a massage therapist, and I’m going to try and see my physio. The tiny little Gillian in my mind is starting to freak out a little that it’s not that far till race day and I am having to take a break due to injury, but the big strong Gillian is telling wee Gillian to shut her mouth; we have plenty of time.

Despite the shin pains, I am still confident that I am on track to hit my goal time for this race. I think having the confidence in yourself and your abilities is half the battle.  I have been reading ‘How bad do you want it?’ by Matt Fitzgerald. It’s an incredible book that I would highly recommend to anyone, even if you aren’t a runner.

Unlike every other race I have done, for the Seawheeze you get the swag months before the race.  This year, runners received a pair of Lululemon shorts, in a mad colourful design, exclusive for Seawheezers, along with a training program booklet.  I am loving the shorts (even the mad colourful design has grown on me). Normally I am not a fan of wearing shorts whilst running – #thighchafe – but these shorts are incredible.  I’d completely forgotten about the training program booklet, but it is a great resource for someone who doesn’t have a coach, or needs support and guidance on what runs to do, and when.

If you are doing the Seawheeze race, what are your thoughts on the shorts and training program booklet? And if you aren’t running Seawheeze, what race are you doing this fall/autumn, and how is training going?

Keep on running,


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