GUEST BLOG #6 – Why do you run?

Hey everyone. Hope you are having a lovely week.

This week’s guest blogger is the fabulous Jenny (fueled by cocoa). The three things I can tell you about Jenny (apart from that she is a runner!) is she always wears AMAZING running gear, she can get herself into some very impressive yoga poses, and she is by far the best I’ve ever seen at jumping and taking a photo!

The thing I love most about these guest blogs is hearing other people’s experiences with running, and delving deeper into the person behind the social media posts. AKA I’m really nosey!

1.Why did you start running?

I’ve always enjoyed being active.  I danced throughout my childhood and in college. While in college, I also got certified to teach aerobics classes and did that for a couple of years.  But after having kids, I didn’t have those same activities accessible to me.  My mother-in-law, and a couple of sisters-in-law ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in 2008 and it looked like so much fun, but also extremely intimidating. After having my second child in October 2008, I decided I wanted to give running a try.  I started a C25K (couch to 5k) program and just patiently went through that program until I ran my first 5K the next May.  The feeling I got after that race was unlike anything I’d experienced.  I knew I wanted to keep chasing that feeling!

2. What motivates you to keep running?

I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety at different points in my life, and running has been the best thing to keep my mental health in good shape.  If I go more than a few days without being active, I start to feel pretty down.  I also love the meditative quality of running.  It’s usually just me and the road during most runs, and I value that time to think through problems or just day dream.

3.  What is your favourite distance and why?

Definitely the half marathon.  It’s a distance that is challenging enough that I need to follow a training program, so it keeps me accountable.  It’s not so long though, so finding time for those long runs aren’t too big of a challenge.

4.  Tell me about your most memorable race.

There’s a couple that come to mind. I actually think that first 5K I ran was the most meaningful to me.  Even though I was an active person, I never considered myself a true runner until I crossed that first finish line.   When I met my goal of running hard and never stopping, I felt pride.  The fact that I was at a fairly small race, and won first place in my age group made it pretty memorable too!  The second race was my first marathon: the 2018 WDW marathon.  Once again, I had always doubted myself and thought I could never be a marathoner.  I ran this race with a dear friend and we just had an absolute blast from beginning to end!

5.  What did you learn about yourself training for this race?

With the marathon, I learned that it’s not just putting in the hours of run time.  It’s also getting enough sleep, eating right, rolling and stretching, soaking in an epsom salt bath, and more.  It changed my way of life and it also increased my gratitude for the simplest things: a beautiful sunrise during a run, a low Garmin battery that somehow lasts until the end of a run, good running shoes that protect my feet, a fun podcast to listen to, and of course for a body that can achieve what I didn’t think was possible.

6.  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Well one of my favorite movies is Finding Nemo and often times during a hard run I’ll hear Dory’s voice singing, “Just keep running.  Just keep running.  Just keep running.”  I’m pretty sure if Dory weren’t a fish, she would be a long distance runner 🙂


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