It was a good job I had today off of work as I was glued to Instagram.  My IG feed was 90% Boston Marathon.  It was incredible! The weather, oh boy the weather was horrific, I can’t even imagine how difficult running today would have been.  But I was so inspired, motivated, and in awe of every single runner out there today.

It’s funny how only 4 years ago I wasn’t really aware of the Boston Marathon or how prestigious it is to run. Living in the UK and being a non-runner I didn’t pay attention to races.  I knew about the London Marathon (but didn’t know anyone who had ran it), and I think a girl I used to work with ran the New York Marathon, but that was the limit to my knowledge when it came to marathons.  It wasn’t until I took up running 3 years ago that my eyes were opened to a) the volume of races from 5K and up, b) not all races are created equal, and c) running races is friggin’ awesome.

In those early months of running I thought marathons were only for athletes.  I would never run a marathon.  But slowly, as my fitness and confidence grew I realised that running a marathon isn’t just for the elite athletes, but everyone has it in them to run a marathon – you just have to be kinda crazy. So from my first marathon – even though it, and my 2nd marathon didn’t go to plan – I have had one eye on the BQ (Boston Qualifying) prize.

Last week I checked the Boston age qualifying times, and I am nowhere near there….. yet.  But one day, one day in the next 5 years I want to be running those blue and yellow streets.

To everyone who has run Boston, or is chasing that Unicorn – you are incredible!


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