I’m an over-packer. There I said it. I can’t go away for a night without a decent-sized suitcase, I take things ‘just in case’. So my hydration belt is kinda no different. You will see runners who carry nothing with them, not even a bottle of water, running care-free wherever their feet take them. Well not me, what if I’m far from home and need something?!!?

I wear my belt for all my runs, even if the run is less than 5K.  The one I am using just now, and really love, is the Nathan Trailmix plus 2 hydration belt in Cockatoo colour (  I’ve had a couple before this one, but this is by far my favourite. I love that it has a clip at the front rather than Velcro – for me the Velcro wouldn’t stay put on runs, and over time lost its stick. The pocket is big enough for my Samsung phone, and all my extra necessities. I do pull it pretty tight around my waist (I hate it when the weight of the water makes it bounce around – that drives me mad) and most of the time it stays in place.

So what do I carry in my hydration belt?

On an average run, so not a race, I would carry:


iPod & headphones

Some cash

Bus pass if I was running far from home

Health card & insurance card

Tissues (for my nose, or a grazed knee, or an unexpected bathroom break)



Raisins/gels/beans/granola bar

Small plastic bag (this is just in case it starts raining, I don’t want my phone getting wet)

2 filled water bottles, normally one with water and one with a nuun electrolyte


For race day, I will take all of the above and:

More gels/raisins/beans/granola bar/a wee treat to help me get through a tough time

A couple of painkillers

A small chafe stick

Extra safety pins

Sometimes a phone charger

*if it’s a half marathon or marathon I will likely attach my additional fuel pouch to help carry all my stuff. I bought this a few years ago (, it sits nicely on the front of my Nathan belt.

Oh and for night running, my belt also has room to hang a reflective strip that I can snap round my arm if need be. Also, I bring a small light that I can either have blinking behind me, or attached to my shoe.


So yes, I over pack ALL THE TIME, but its stuff that I might need, and I would rather be prepared than caught short.  Do you run with a hydration belt or run free with no worries that you might need something whilst out running? I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading, G


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